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Meals with Midgi To Go

Meals with Midgi has introduced a new cooking service to Juneau.  “Meals with Midgi To Go” is a new catering service that includes clients in the cooking process.

“After three years of writing my column in the Capital City Weekly, I thought it was time to branch out,” Kelly “Midgi” Moore said.  “Meals with Midgi To Go allows my clients to participate in the cooking process with their friends and guests, making for a fun, interactive experience.”

The concept developed from an idea generated at one of Midgi’s Community Schools cooking classes.  When asked if she cooked at other people’s homes, she said no, but she could.  The “To Go” concept is a cooking party.  Clients can invite their friends over to have personal instruction on new recipes and having fun in the kitchen.  “The best part is that they get to eat what they make in a fun, social and relaxed setting,” Moore said.

Menus include party foods and appetizers, soups, main courses, and simple desserts.  Clients will have the options of choosing recipes, will be provided with a shopping list and then Midgi will arrive to lead the cooking class component. Clients receive the shopping list a week or so prior to their party, so that they can choose the brands and types of ingredients they like and that best fit their budgets.

“I am very excited to introduce this new service to Juneau,” Moore said.  “Juneau has experienced such a wonderful culinary boom in the past year, and I’ve had many people ask me to cook for them. Rather than catering a full menu, it would seem more fun to allow my clients to learn the recipes themselves so that they can prepare them again whenever they would like.”

For more information on this new tasty service, contact Midgi at

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